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The Vossen Mercedes AMG GT S Build Week

Posted on May 1, 2015 by

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Well we are super excited to share these pics, as we just took delivery of the new Vossen Mercedes AMG GT S Build on Monday, and by Thursday night we had the vehicle lowered on Vossen Forged VPS-306 wheels! Personally, I am a huge fan of this vehicle having driven it at the AMG GT S event at Thermal last December (click here for my review of the AMG GT S) and really feeling this is one of the most involving and soulful cars on the road today. We took delivery from our good friend Ariel at Mercedes of Coral Gables and immediately began measurements to custom build its Vossen Forged: Precision Series VPS-306 wheels!

All our images of the #vossengts can be seen at the by clicking here.

Arriving from Mercedes Benz of Coral Gables

Coming Down the tow truck
AMG GT S Spec Sheet

Welcome to #teamvossen

Some of the guys checking it out

Lovely interior

Interior features Carbon Fiber & Piano Black Trim

The new 4.0 Bi-Turbo V-8 is under there

It won’t stay like this much longer lol

Loading inside for measurements

Getting it done!!

The team at work

On our new lift

Here we are engineering the VPS-306 wheels for our GTS

More Behind the Scenes

Time to make it happen!

Cleaning things up


Time to Cut!

Coming to life

This will be recycled

Almost done

Built for the AMG GTS, its all about “Precision”….

Big Brakes are always great to see

Fits like a glove!!

Rears looking good too!

20″ front and 21″ Rear…more to come very soon!!

Time to purify the VPS-306 wheels!

Dip Time!

These tanks ensure our Vossen Forged Wheels are as clean as possible so there are minimal issues with paint/clear coating.

Mounting and Balancing going on with our friends at Dynamic Turbo

Pirelli Tires for our AMG GTS Project Car

We went with a Gloss Clear Finish

Vossen Forged : Precision Series 

Almost time!

And here she is! The AMG GT S on Vossen Forged : Precision Series VPS-306 Wheels

20″ Front and 21″ Rear VPS-306 in Gloss Clear with the wheel fully Brushed

Now the AMG GT S has the proper stance to accent those beautiful lines

An amazing week for our team and we are super happy with the final look!

As you can see we went from delivery to finished product in less than a week for a full built custom forged wheel. The team at Vossen worked tons to make this happen since we were all excited for this new Mercedes and we wanted to feature it by Friday. We actually were a day early! More modifications to come and we will keep you updated in our blog.

Words // Mike Forsythe (@mike_vossen)
Photos // Brian McCarthy (@brian_vossen) & Jordan Krate (@gotphotos_101)

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