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Tianna G x Vossen x Importfest

Posted on October 26, 2016 by

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Tianna G kicks it with Vossen & Importfest as we continue our yearly takeover of Toronto…

For the past couple of years Tianna and Vossen has tried to connect to make something dope for both our fans. Importfest was the perfect time and Toronto was the perfect place to make it happen!

We started off kicking it downtown getting to know Tianna a bit more after working with her at Importfest the previous day. The weather was perfect and the vibes were goooooood!

We had a lot of fun from beginning to end. We said in the BTS video how dope Toronto is and this added a mega dose of extra flavor!

We shot a bit more downtown before the Importfest crew came deep. As you can see we shut traffic down!

Rocking the Vossen Ladies Black V Flag tee Tiana looked the part! She was nice enough to take a few pics for people noticing all the commotion we were creating. Then it was off to take some rolling shots!

As with most productions with a dozen or so cars, things can get chaotic so we had to make a stop so everyone could meet back up. We shot Tianna a few times then with the Importfest Lexus RC F and RC 350 F-Sport.

We then made it to our final spot to eat a bit of food and take some final shots with Tianna. This Importfest lineup tho….

It was a this point we let the cameras and Tianna do the talking….


We finished things up but not before taking a few fan photos ourselves. Tianna then wrapped up with Toronto’s internationally known landmark.

Click here for hi-rez photos of Tianna’s shoot!

Photos: Jordan Krate (@jordan_vossen)

Video & Edits: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)

Video Assistance : Brian Arevalo (@bigapplemagic)

 Fake Eddie Spielberg: Mike Forsythe (@mike_vossen)

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