Vossen3D.com Car Configurator introduces the X6M, Accord, Panamera, G63, IS and more!

Posted on March 6, 2017 by

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The Vossen3D Virtual Garage is our all-new solution to 3D car configuration, providing real-time 3D cars outfitted with our wide variety of wheels! With Vossen3D it’s possible to visualize exactly how each wheel model will look on over 150 cars, while also adjusting parameters such as suspension, camber, offset. With Vossen3D there are infinite colors for the car and brake calipers, as well as our 50+ finishes for CV, VF, and Forged wheels—with Vossen x Work coming soon!

Every week we will be introducing new cars to Vossen3D, expanding the offering throughout the rest of 2017, and this week we have some office favorites to bring to your fingertips:

Porsche-PanameraMB-SLS MB-G63 Lexus-IS Lambo-MerciSV Honda-Accord Ferrari-F12 Chev-Camaro BMW-X6M Audi-S4

We are constantly working on Vossen3D, updating it weekly with new cars and wheels. Stay tuned to our Instagram feed (@vossen) for the latest updates!

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