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Corvette C8 Gets Air Suspension & A New Set of Vossen Shoes

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For the 3rd revision of the most iconic Corvette C8 in the automotive world right now, we’ve partnered with Racing Sport Concepts and Accuair to create the most drastic change in Gabe Florido’s stealth-wrapped C8. The all-new Racing Sport Concepts carbon components and highlights on the front bumper, rear spoiler, and side features of the car are laid on the ground with the help of Accuair’s all-new front and rear Air-Strut’s for the mid-engine trendsetter. This 3rd set of wheels comes from his first two progressions on his car, one being the Vossen Forged Evo-5r’s in Stealth Gray, then the 3-Piece full-satin S17-01’s in Stealth Gray. For this next variant, Gabe wanted a wheel to match the cars constant forward progress, while still being unique from any angle– Together, we chose to showcase the Vossen LC Series and changing the finish from Stealth Gray to our in-house favorite Marbled Gloss Clear. Our marbled finish is obtained during a proprietary, ceramic polishing process using vibratory tumbling and stone smoothed porcelain media.



Tucked underneath the Xpel Stealth wrapped body is our industry-leading LC2-C1’s, a mono-block, forged, directional staple in our wheel offering— finished in Marbled Gloss Clear. Gabe’s Corvette C8 always seems to turn heads wherever it goes, now our jaws are permanently on the ground.

When considering options for the Corvette, the multitude of options  in the Vossen Forged lineup, given its previous fitment was a 20/21″ setup. We chose the Vossen LC Series for it’s unique lip design and the customization between the inner face and outer lip style. Along with the satin-wrapped factory paint, the Marbled Gloss Clear additions look right at home with the Gloss Carbon Fiber add-ons.

Vossen Forged LC2-C1
Marbled Gloss Clear

Wheel Specs: 20×9.5 / 21×12.5

Tire Specs: 255/30/20 | 325/25/21

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