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The Novitec Philosophy

The NOVITEC Group, established in 1989, is one of the most respected and experienced companies in the automotive industry. The entrepreneurial vision and creativity of Wolfgang Hagedorn has been focused on refining Italian Sports Cars and the Novitec program is characterized by precise craftsmanship and high quality products.


Novitec and Vossen’s shared focus on precision craftsmanship, revolutionary design, and producing the highest quality product within the automotive industry makes the Lamborghini Aventador SV the perfect candidate for a collaborative effort. The NV1 forged wheel is the product of Novitec and Vossen’s mutual respect for the Lamborghini Aventador SV and dedication to refining it.


Instantly recognizable and aggressive in design, the Lamborghini Aventador demands attention and thrill. The SV, or Superveloce, is the flagship model of the Aventador, produced in limited numbers, and creating a demand parallel to the courage necessary to take the car beyond the 200 mile-per-hour mark.

Design & Manufacturing


Hexagonal, sharp, and aggressive, the Aventador’s lines reflect the supercar’s geometry throughout, while the Novitec x Vossen forged wheels follow suit. Inspired by the Aventador’s hard angles and militaristic lines, the NV1 blends in with the car’s style while making a subtle-but-firm statement.


Designed and engineered in our Miami-based facilities, the NV1 forged wheel undergoes an extensive design, engineering, and testing process. Adhering to TUV and SAE testing parameters, the NV1 employs Vehicle Tailored Engineering to ensure precise fitment, specific to the Aventador, while creating the strongest and lightest wheel possible in our TUV Verified manufacturing facility.

Milling & Finishing

Vossen’s Miami-based, TUV Verified, forged wheel manufacturing facility utilizes over ten state-of-the-art CNC machines to execute the precise machining processes behind all Vossen Forged wheels. The 8-step machining process ensures the utmost precision whilst shaving excess weight wherever possible. Vossen’s in-house finishing facilities allow for hand-brushed, polished and perfectly powder coated wheels that will stand the test of time and speed—a must for an exotic car with the raw aggression and high performance of the Aventador.

The NV1 Forged Wheel

Created Exclusively for the Lamborghini Aventador

Vehicle Tailored Engineering

Designed exclusively for the Lamborghini Aventador, the Novitec x Vossen NV1 forged wheel is the pinnacle of wheel design and engineering. Utilizing Lamborghini’s center lock fastening system, the NV1 minimizes weight around the hub whilst increasing strength, and the hexagonal design reflects the Aventador’s body lines as if it were fitted to the car from the factory.

Wheel Sizes: 20 x 9 FRONT / 21 x 13 REAR


Novitec Center lock Conversion Kit

The Novitec x Vossen NV1 forged wheel has been exclusively developed in center lock format, minimizing weight and maximizing wheel aesthetics. While not all Lamborghini Aventadors are equipped with a center lock system from the factory, Novitec has assembled a solution for all Aventador models.

Using only OEM Lamborghini parts, the center lock conversion kit will retrofit any 5-lug Aventador to center lock with minimal effort.

Behind The Scenes

Novitec Photographer Spotlight

Munich-based photographer, Philipp Rupprecht, walks us through his photoshoot with the Novitec Aventador SV.

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The Novitec x Vossen NV1 forged wheel and center lock conversion kit can be ordered through Novitec or Vossen.

The Novitec carbon fiber aero kit is available exclusively through Novitec.

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