Vossen Spotlight- A Day with Dannie Riel

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TeamVossen kicks it with the stunning Dannie Riel with Importfest at the Kamorra Art Centre in Toronto.

We first kicked it with Dannie Riel at Importfest Vancouver a couple of years ago and realized we had a lot in common; Love of cars, cool kicks and food! The final thread was seeing how hard she worked to make sure each and every fan of hers got a picture and a special moment with her and it reminded us how hard we try to go above and beyond for our fans as well.

Fast-forward two years later and we finally got the chance to ‘spend a day with Dannie”. We picked her up downtown in our Lexus GX and headed over to our friends at the Kamorra Art Centre outside Toronto for the official shoot. There we also met up with the gang from Importfest as well as some Vossen Owners and Pfaff Tuning.

We decided to park Importfest’s three Rocket Bunny cars inside for the shoot and then let Dannie do her thing. Dannie can be very hands on in regards to providing input or completely hands off going with the flow and following directions. Either way she has an amazing way to make magic with the cameras!

While the final video shows the fun part, it was a hard day of shooting, organizing and making things happen! Dannie’s Jordan 11 low’s matched the teal RC F perfectly!  We also got to see some of Dannie’s competitive fire playing foosball & basketball but we had to show her who rules the courts!

The day ended with us chatting about another future collaboration, then hopping in Anthony Andretti’s Rolls Royce Phantom on the way to the airport to return to Miami. We think more days with Dannie are in order for the team at Vossen!

Model: Dannie Riel (@dannieriel) ///// Photos: Paul_Saini (@paul_saini) ///// Video: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen) ///// Words: Mike Forsythe (@mike_vossen)

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