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Alfonso’s Bagged S5

Posted on April 14, 2014 by

When your love for automobiles has been so deeply rooted for the greater part of your life, that to leave a car stock would be considered a sin, what do you do? You go on and build some of the sickest cars around. Alfonso did just that. Alfonso Vergara is a 26 year-old hospitality major born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is a partner in AYP Rentals. His love for the automotive industry clearly shows through his builds as he continues his pursuit of owning and creating unique vehicles.


Having had a passion of cars for more then 10 years, Alfonso always has a clear sense of the direction he wants to take his builds. His love affair with automobiles started when he purchased an E46 BMW 330i.  A few mods went on here and there and then it went on to become a full-fledged, daily driven, show car. Nothing was spared when it came to this Bimmer, hence the $20k price tag on aftermarket and performance parts. Although this was one impressive build, what we’re most excited to discuss today is his latest project; a wrapped, 2013, satin pearl white, Audi S5 on Vossen CVT’s.


Alfonso’s 2013, Accuair equipped, Audi S5 sitting on Vossen CVT’s is the latest build from this automotive aficionado. The car itself, as mentioned earlier, is wrapped in a satin pearl white done by Signature Customs and features a GMG exhaust, as well as a Europsec short shifter. As far as the wheel setup goes, the CVT’s are 20×10.5 all around wrapped on Nitto Invo’s 255/30/20’s for maximum clearance and perfect drivability. Keep in mind that this is Alfonso’s daily driver. This Audi may not have had an extensive amount of work done to it like some of the other vehicles we see in the scene today, but one thing we know for sure is that it does turn heads.


To see this Audi laying frame is one thing, but to then see it as it’s racing through the streets of Miami is another.  It’s almost as if your looking at two different cars. “That’s the benefit of having the Accuair management system”, said Alfonso. It allows him to go from a car that seems nowhere near functional all the way to a car that can swallow bumps and potholes with the best of them, as well as take turns like a champ.


Vossen, for Alfonso, is more than just a wheel company. It’s a tight knit family of people who just love cars. After having had three sets of Vossen wheels (CV3, CV5, CVT), we couldn’t leave this interview without asking Alfonso about his latest choice of wheels, the CVT. His answer was fairly simple:

“It fits the lines of the Audi Perfectly!”

A huge thanks to Alfonso for allowing us to spend some time with him and his beautifully done Audi S5. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this true to heart automotive lover. Be sure to follow him on Instagram: @MBP_Alfonso

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