Bagged Toyota Sienna “Swagger Wagon” on Vossen CV3s 20×10.5 all around!

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Life happens. You grow up. Responsibilities change. You get married & start a family or maybe you start a business. Many people go with obvious choices and there are those few that do things with the “My Way” philosophy.  Nothing beats a mini-van for space and utility and the Toyota Sienna is by far the most hip and coolest van around, the “Swagger Wagon” as its called.  This Sienna was done by Auto Customs  in Hawaii where the most impressive modifications are the air-bag suspension and the choice of 20×10.5 all around Vossen CV3 Wheels.  Auto Custom’s is really doing it big in Hawaii and we were happy they shared this project with us. This is how you pick up the kids from school! Or maybe you use this incredible “Swagger Wagon” for business. Or maybe you just want a VIP mini-van. No matter what the purpose of the Sienna is, the Vossen CV3s are the perfect choice to make even more of an impact.

Vossen Wheels of course are backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty. Any questions please email us at sales@vossenwheels.com , call us at 305-463-778 or contact your Vossen Wheels Dealer.

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