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RS6 Inspired Audi A6 x Import Revolution – Vossen Forged VPS-318

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Good people bring good people together..enter Javier’s bagged, widebody Audi A6 on Vossen Forged VPS-318’s

We actually met Javier, who runs the big “Import Evolution” show in Boston at Importfest. We instantly clicked with him and his helpful, laid back demeanor. He also was really good friends with Eastside Motoring, our big dealer in Boston. Quickly it all came together…..

After the Tianna G x Vossen collab we took a short breather and got right back to work. We moved to the other side of the parking deck and shot the Importfest Liberty Walk G37 and Javier’s amazing A6.

The Vossen Forged VPS-318’s were unexpected, it was really our first time seeing it on such a modified car. It really fits the bill here in my opinion. Getting away from our usual classic open spoke design, this full face wheel gives this A6 a VIP Style feel.

Affectionately nicknamed “the fatboy” the VPS-318 sports a hand brushed face and polished barrel. Since Javier’s A6 is a custom widebody they measure 20×11.5 deep concave front and rear. What a look!

Rocking a RS6 front and rear conversion from the UK, Javier’s ride is really distinct. Oh Audi, why you no sell the RS6 here!!

The bright blue color caught our eyes too as well as the all-metal bodywork and carbon fiber accents. This car is full of the details .

We are not mad at all Javier!

As as we wrapped up, Javier had to ride back to Boston! We clicked so well we ended up going there to his show the next month and some of the Importfest crew went as well. Cheers mahn and we will see you back in Boston this year!

2012 Audi A6 / Import Evolution Series

RS6 Front Nose Conversion (UK version)

RS6 Rear Diffuser (UK version)

-Kustom Keations Auto Body – Hudson Ma.-

Full Metal Wide Body 

Custom Rear Trunk Lid Wing

Custom Carbon Fiber Splitters sides / front

Candy Blue Paint

Custom LED Demon Red DRL’s

Custom LED Fogs


AirLift suspension V2 Management

EastSide Motoring

Vossen Forged / Precision Series

VPS-318 20×11.5 Front & Back


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