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Bonjour tout le monde! As part of the 2014 Vossen World Tour Europe, we ensured we visited our friend Cyril at Revo Motorsport who lined up an exciting couple of days for us. We knew we would visit some world famous monuments as well as the beautiful French countryside but we didn’t expect to be taken to the track for some high speed racing!

We had the opportunity to feature some sweet cars;

Audi A5 Sportback
Ferrari F430
Nissan 350 Z
Renault Megane
VW Bettle
VW Eos

It was an amazing trip and as you can tell from the video we had a blast. Let us know in the comments what car is your favorite in this latest installment of the Vossen World Tour! You can also see the full photo gallery by clicking here. Au Revoir!

Revo Motorsport

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