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Just west of Shanghai is Top Station, one of our flagship Vossen China dealers. Like most, Top Station offers a variety of automotive services outside of just wheels, but unlike most, they take customer service and hospitality to a whole new level.

Above Top Station’s immaculately-clean and well-lit service area is something we’ve never seen before—a full service lounge and cafe catered specifically to the automotive enthusiasts that patronize Top Station. Decorated with various Vossen Wheels and playing Vossen videos on the televisions, Top Station really fits the bill as a Vossen China Flagship Dealer.Dealer Spotlight - Top Station China - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 3015

After we were shown around the cafe we traveled out to photograph an Audi TT RS that Top Station fitted with our VFS-1 wheels in silver brushed finish. After some driving around, searching for a location, we stumbled upon an area that wasn’t entirely consumed with traffic and began to shoot.

Audi TT RS - Solar Orange - Vossen VFS-1 Wheels - Top Station China - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1010

Top Station’s TT RS definitely stood out, in its Audi Exclusive Solar Orange paint against the traditional Chinese setting and smog filled skies, but with the help of the VFS-1 the car takes on a whole new sense of sportiness. A slightly lowered ride height helps the overall aesthetics while still allowing for the most spirited of driving.

Vossen China / Suzhou Mondera Auto Parts Inc ///// Top Station – Shanghai, China

Words & Photos: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)


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