Dela’s Genesis Coupe 2.0T “Track”

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Roles reversed slightly as we put the spotlight on our head of videography, Dela and his Vossen Project build, his Hyundai Genesis “track” 2.0t. Stock, it is a great car but of course it had to get the Vossen treatment. Dela first chose a set of our Matte Graphite CV5 wheels in 20×9 and 20×10.5 sizes which really filled out the wheel wells. Our friends at RS-R were working on their new coil-over suspension system for the Genesis coupe and we are happy to debut it on Dela’s car, what perfect timing! When it came time to mount some serious rubber, we decided on Toyo Tires, the Extensa model in particular. You can see the effects in the video below!


As you can see, Dela’s Genesis now has a much meaner and aggressive appearance but with the RS-R coilovers, ride quality and handling have improved. The Toyo Tires gave this car much needed grip since Dela likes to have some fun! This combination really was exactly what Dela had in mind. Enjoy the pictures below and clicking any will take you to the full gallery.

Vossen | RS-R | Toyo

Sick Fitment


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