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Hamana Japan Audi S8 on Vossen Forged CG-205 Wheels

Posted on July 5, 2016 by

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The Audi S8 is an absolute achievement in excellence, no matter how you slice it. Everything about the car, from its spacious and luxurious interior to the 520 horsepower, German-engineered power plant under the hood is a spectacular testament to Audi’s passion. And while we might not have expected the S8 to be terribly popular in the company Japanese market (despite Audi’s rice maker option), we couldn’t’ve been more excited to see that our friends at Hamana, the Widebody Masters, had picked one up as their next project car.


Although Hamana wasn’t planning on putting their widening skills to work on the S8’s aluminum body, we all agreed that it would be the perfect platform to introduce the all-new Vossen Forged CG Series. Showcasing the CG-205 in a fully brushed finish with matte clear powdercoat, Hamana’s Audi S8 is lowered to just the right height, and their custom front valence completes the package perfectly.

Audi S8 - Hamana Japan - Vossen Forged CG-205 - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1050

Measuring 22×10.5 on all four corners of the S8, the CG series is defined by the closed geometry at play within each design and is a highly anticipated addition to the Vossen Forged lineup. Follow Vossen on the various Snapchat and Instagram (@vossen) for more sneak peeks at the new CG Series.

Words & Photos: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)

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