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Importfest 15 held true to its slogan, “Biggest and Baddest”, in so many ways. We’ve been traveling to Toronto for Importfest for a few years now, and every year our expectations increase—and by the end of the weekend we’re always satisfied and ready for the next trip to our neighbors to the north.

After a late night mixed with set-up and a bit of pre-gaming, we arrived at the convention center to find a massive line waiting in sweet anticipation of Importfest 15. The first 100 people in line, some of which had been waiting for several hours, received tickets redeemable for a free Vossen x Importfest 15 t-shirt. As we were handing the tickets out, it quickly became clear that thousands were waiting to enter.

Importfest 15 - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1011

Once inside, showgoers were welcomed by Importfest 15’s booth, filled with official show merchandise as well as a row of Vossen-clad cars on display. From a timeless new Mercedes-Benz C400 on VFS-2’s to our trusty favorite, the Mello Yello Nissan 370Z on VFS-1 wheels, there was something for everyone, even in just the first few steps.

Importfest 15 - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1097

Liberty Walk’s first Infiniti G37 widebody kit sat just a few more steps ahead, also on our VFS-1 wheels in our Matte Graphite finish. Over the years we’ve seen countless G37s, including more variation’s of Diego’s G37 than we can even remember, but Liberty Walk’s take on the Infiniti body was a refreshing vision and we couldn’t be more excited to have new Vossen Forged wheels in the works for it!

Importfest 15 - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1030

While the first couple hundred feet was already quite a sensory overload, inside the show was where the real gems were residing. In Lexus of Downtown Toronto’s booth sat Paul’s Lexus RC F, fitted with the Rocket Bunny bolt-on widebody and our Vossen Forged VPS-301 wheels.

Importfest 15 - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1027

Deeper into the building, Basit (the show’s organizer) had his Lexus RC 350 on display, also sporting the Rocket Bunny kit and our VPS-310 wheels, manufactured right here in our TUV-Verified facility in Miami, Florida.

Importfest 15 - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1022

Dannie Riel‘s line of fans wrapped around Basit’s RC, eagerly awaiting their chance to meet the damsel and snap a selfie together. Dannie’s fans came in a steady flow throughout nearly the entire event, wrapping up just before the event closed its doors. Signature after signature and selfie after selfie, Dannie was a rockstar!

Importfest 15 - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1079

At one point, some of the Vossen team even took stage to give out some free merchandise and wish our videographer, Dela (@dela_vossen), the happiest of birthdays!

Importfest 15 - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1137

Pfaff Tuning brought out an Accuair-fitted Audi Q5 on our Gloss Graphite CVT wheels, one of our favorites from the weekend in its black-and-brown motif. Stay tuned for a new photoset of the Q5 in the future!

Importfest 15 - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1107

As quick as the show began, it also came to a close, marking another year at Importfest for Vossen, and surely not the last. We’d like to thank Basit, the entire Importfest 15 team, and everyone that attended the event for all of the help and hospitality throughout our stay in Toronto—we can’t wait to visit again!

Words & Photos: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony De La Paz (@dela_vossen)

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