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James McDonnell’s Porsche 991 GT3 on Vossen Forged ML-R1 Wheels

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James McDonnell, most famously known as @lordmcdonnell, is always changing things up with his fleet of cars, and his Porsche 991 GT3 on Vossen Forged ML-R1 wheels is no exception. Over the years we’ve worked with James on a variety of cars, from his Tesla Model S to the many variations of his BMW i8, and his taste has allowed us to outfit his cars with some very unique, sometimes trend-setting, looks and styles.

James’ Porsche 991 GT3 is fitted with 20×9 front and 20×12 rear Vossen Forged ML-R1 wheels. Being center lock, the GT3 typically lends itself to a more airy, open spoke design. The full-face ML-R1 design is quite unique just in the GT3 application, but when engineered for center lock it takes on a whole new look. A full polished finish with brushed face is kept in its original luster with gloss clear transparent powder coat, creating a show-stopping contrast against the gloss black GT3 body.

Vossen Forged ML-R1
Full Polished with Brushed Face
20×9 Front / 20×12 Rear

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