Jeep SRT8 on Vossen Forged VPS-306

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Miami is a city filled with more exotic cars than one could possibly imagine. And while that’s the modus operandi for many Miamians, sometimes it’s not the most practical. But if practicality is what you’re after, and you still want that exotic car power, what better option than the SRT8 Jeep? Packed with a ton of power, ground clearance (even when lowered on Road Magnet‘s springs), and one of the nicest and most spacious interiors that a Mopar SUV has offered, the Jeep SRT8 on Vossen Forged VPS-306 is the perfect compromise of practicality, comfort, and raw power, and perfectly suited for our friend, Jeff Padron of Padron Cigars.

Jeep - Jeffs SRT8 - VPS-306 - Bronze - © Vossen Wheels 2015 -  1029

Just another Jeep to the untrained eye, Jeff has made certain that once it’s heard it’ll never be forgotten, care of GT HausMeisterschaft Roar Series exhaust. An Injen short ram intake feeds the motor, adding to the overall rumble-n-roar of the SRT8 powerplant.

Jeep - Jeffs SRT8 - VPS-306 - Bronze - © Vossen Wheels 2015 -  1043

When it came to choosing wheels, in Jeff’s eyes there was no other option than Vossen Forged. Made right here in Miami, just like Padron Cigars, Vossen Forged: Precision Series VPS-306 wheels were selected, built to 22×10.5″ all around, and finished in metallic bronze. Paired with Road Magnet’s lowering springs, the Precision Series wheels look right at home on the SRT8, and complete the overall performance-oriented package that Jeff envisioned.

Jeep - Jeffs SRT8 - VPS-306 - Bronze - © Vossen Wheels 2015 -  1015

So if you hear a rumble and a roar on the streets of Miami and don’t see a flashy exotic car to blame it on, keep in mind that there’s a terror of a Jeep roaming the streets and our friend, Jeff Padron behind the wheel!

Jeep - Jeffs SRT8 - VPS-306 - Bronze - © Vossen Wheels 2015 -  1005

Vossen Forged: Precision Series VPS-306 Wheels ///// 22×10.5 ///// Bronze

Words: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Photos: Jordan Krate (@jordan_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony De La Paz (@dela_vossen)

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