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Jeep Wrangler | Vossen x Work Wheels | VWS-3

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All new Vossen x Work VWS-3 Wheels is bringing something fresh, new and exciting to the Jeep Wrangler Market…

We have always loved Jeep Wrangler’s at Vossen and it feels good to know we came correct to the Jeep Wrangler market! Our new Vossen x Work wheels start at only $875 a wheel and are available in a vast array of colors and configurations!

This Jeep is owned by one of our amazing local Miami area dealers, Miami Power Wheels (@miamipowerwheels on IG). We spent some quality time with it as this was our first true Jeep Wrangler shoot.  We now want to feature a ton more!

Designed and Engineered here in Miami and made in Japan, the Vossen x Work VWS-3 pictured here is EXACTLY what this Wrangler needed. The finish is a beautiful Satin Black Face with Gloss Black barrels. This is one 5 spoke wheel that will be noticed in the Wrangler game.

Every package of Vossen x Work Jeep Wrangler sets come in five. This ensures you can show off that beautiful wheel in the rear! Measuring 20″ in diameter and 12″ in width, the wheels showcase a huge 5.6″ lip! Now this is how you rock a Jeep!

No lifted Jeep is complete without a set of giant off-road tires, and Nitto Grappler’s are the perfect choice. Together with the satin/gloss black VWS-3 the look is utterly sensational (mind you I am biased, the VWS-3 is maybe my favorite current wheel).

We look forward to future customer submissions with their Jeep and Vossen x Work combo. Miami Power Wheels has really “lifted” the Jeep game with this setup! Vossen x Work wheels are in stock available now! Find out more by contacting us here.

Vossen x Work

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