Kat’s 328xi Estate gets the CV3-R Touch

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Kat’s modified BMW 328xi Estate is one of our most popular cars with fans, now updated with our new CV3-R.

Kat’s lady driven BMW 328xi recently got the new CV3-R treatment which also gives us the opportunity to tell the story of getting this car. A couple of years ago Kat decided she wanted a wagon due to her active lifestyle with managing the Vossen Store, going to the gym and taking care of her beautiful doggies to name a few things. She went against the grain here and didn’t want a SUV which in our eyes was pretty damn cool.

She decided on two exterior colors, white or the beautiful “estoril blue” and two interiors, black or red. Kat also wanted the M-Sport package and the optional LED lighting package which made finding the vehicle in this combo quite difficult. Upon finalizing on blue/black, after a nationwide search there were only 3 in the entire country, one in Georgia, one in Colorado and one in California. As you know, we are all the way in Miami, Florida!

We worked with Eric at Braman BMW who also gave us the option to build a car to specs but Kat wanted to start modifying the car right away. After some juggling around with various offers, Kat took delivery of her 328xi all the way from Colorado! She is likely the only person in Miami with the heated steering wheel and cold weather package on their 328xi!

Since that time her car has been a huge hit with enthusiasts with her tasteful modifications including her super loud GTHaus custom quad exhaust. We have to again thank the team at Dynamic Turbo for all their hard work on her car!

We previously featured her estate/wagon here on bronze VFS-2’s. Her car now on the CV3-R really allows those huge Brembo GT brakes to be seen. The CV3-R is the most famous of our concave wheel line and maybe the entire wheel industry and the updates give new life into this classic yet forward thinking design. Catch Kat at a car show/meet near you and don’t forget to check out the new items at the Vossen Store!

Words: Mike Forsythe (@mike_vossen) ///// Photos: Jordan Krate (@jordan_vossen) ///// Video:  Anthony De La Paz (@dela_vossen)

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