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Lexus GS F #OMGSF x Vossen Forged x Tail of the Dragon

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Lexus Southern Area and Vossen team up once again to create this one of a kind Lexus GS F to slay the Tail of the Dragon, US 129!

Its always great to work with Lexus on project vehicles like the “Instabuilt“, the “LFA yellow IS” and the #RSEAF even as multiple members of Vossen own modified Lexus vehicles as their personal cars. After the success of the #RSEAF which was featured at the Miami Auto Show, Lexus Southern decided to go a bit further with this next build. Led by Chad Deschenes, the team knew the 2016 Lexus GS F was the logical choice to showcase their enthusiasm and once again teamed up with Vossen who are the Lexus wheel experts!

After a discussion of ideas, the GS was first wrapped in Orafol Vehicle Wraps new color “Green Blue #988”  which looks absolutely great in pictures and in person changing hues ever so slightly depending on lighting conditions. I was a bit skeptical until seeing it in person and after taking the #OMGSF to shows like Formula D and hearing all the positive comments, well Chad and the team at Lexus Southern made the right choice!

Now naturally I was  already excited we would get a chance to install Vossen Wheels and we decided on the new Vossen Forged : Precision Series VPS-302t which debuted at SEMA 2015. The “t” stands for twist (not turbo Lexus fans!) so the spokes are a true directional compared to the VPS-302 which are straight. The #OMGSF was the first vehicle installed with these new Forged Wheels and during the process we kept Lexus updated constantly with updates and pictures of each stop of the Vossen Forged Manufacturing process.

Since we build each Vossen Forged Wheel specifically to each vehicle, this GS F got fitments of 20×9.5 mid concave and 20×11 deep concave which are wider than most can offer. To offer a look we felt matched the “GreenBlue” wrap and the grey sideview mirrors the wheels were first polished and then the face was hand brushed in our Vossen Forged Factory. Then we powder coated the wheels in our new “Space Grey” finish which shows the fine brushed lines and offers a bit of a matte look. We felt it matched perfectly with the vehicle and it contrasts perfectly with the huge brembo brakes in orange. But wait were not done!

We knew the GS F with its big 5.0 V-8 and stock 467hp was more than enough for most but we thought hitting 500hp+ would really put the “OM” in OMGSF! Enter our good friends at Apexi who with the help of VIP Auto Salon ensured this GS F was the first with their JDM built full exhaust. They also designed their exhaust tips in the trademark stacked fashion Lexus F cars are known for but the brilliant polish and larger tips give a big hint there is more sound and power. As for the sound, it is utterly GLORIOUS as now the GS F is open to scream and let all know it is here to play with the big boys! Turn up your speakers in the video, this is one amazing sounding car. In addition the Apexi intake helped free more air up for the engine to breathe to add more power.

Of course the team at Vossen insisted the GS F get lowered compared to the #RSEAF which kept a stock suspension. Thankfully our good friends at RS-R USA were happy to help. Ben and his team created the first set of Coilovers specifically for the GS F as they noticed some differences compared to the non full F models. Handbuilt in Japan, these coilovers give the #OMGSF a better ride while cornering flatter on roads. More on that later :). Finally our buds at Pirelli got involved and sent sticky P-Zero tires to give this car what it needed to handle on rails. Big thanks to David and Ross for the assistance!

Now completed, the GS F debuted at the Atlanta Auto Show where show goers posted on social media, emailed and text pics constantly of this mild build. Some even sent pictures of the interior thinking it was modified, thats how good the carbon fiber trimmed and alacantara equipped car is! We wanted to get people involved as it felt this car now needed a name…Kevin Watts at the Lexus Enthusiast, the worlds number one Lexus News source,  teamed up with myself and Chad and created a contest for forum members to pick the name.  Thus this Lexus GS F became the #OMGSF!! After showcasing it at multiple local shows we decided to use it at the Vossen x Butler Tire booth for Formula D and then decided on something crazy…A last minute run to the Tail of the Dragon!

Considered by many experts to be one of the most challenging yet beautiful roads in the world with 318 turns in 11 miles, well it seemed like the perfect place to test out the modifications and to do a video/photoshoot. True this would require no sleep and my potentially missing my flight (actually I did miss my flight) but we felt it would be all worth it to experience and to share. Thus with no sleep after being in the sun 12 hours at FormulaD the day before and a late night eating at the Boiling Crawfish (sorry Chad about the seafood!) we met in North Georgia about 7am to take off. Well actually Chad and myself did as our friend and photographer, Joseph Dale, the founder of SouthrnFresh got a bit more sleep than we did. All good, we had some breakfast and linked up and set off!!

After an already lovely drive up the North Georgia Mountains we found ourselves in famous “Deals Gap, North Carolina” to take on and slay the Dragon in the GS F. There were plenty of bikes there, Nissan GT-R’s and Mazda MIata’s but this was obviously the first and only GS F here and it made quite the impression. With the powerful V-8 and 8 speed ready to dance, the tightened RS-R suspension was perfect for these small tight roads, mind you the stock GS F is already quite nimble. And oh that SOUND!! Everywhere we stopped people came to talk about the GS F and wanted to hear more of the car. By the end of the day everyone knew the GS F was right where it belonged!

Brian aka “BAM” was really in his element with excitement as it was his first time here (as Joseph’s) but Chad and myself are quite the Tail of the Dragon veterans having ran it multiple times over the years. The footage we captured we feel was amazing and the experience was something we will never forget. I planned to offer BTS “SnapChats” but there was no cell phone service. After we filmed the GS F on US 129 a few times I had to get my behind back to Atlanta to catch my flight back home to Miami (probably a great time to shout my wife out since this all happened on Mother’s Day) which I missed but ended up catching the following flight. Exhausted, drained but oh so happy to have done something not many would have attempted.

Leaving Atlanta my mind couldn’t stop thinking of the Vossen Forged equipped #OMGSF which is now one of my top vehicles to drive at any price. Athletic and aggressive with the usual Lexus luxuries and qualities I find myself thinking maybe its time to get rid of the LS F Sport and get something quite a bit more engaging.  Big thanks to all the people and partners involved who made the #OMGSF happen as well as a weekend we all won’t forget! Where shall we take the #OMGSF next?!?!


///// Words: Mike Forsythe (@mike_vossen) ///// Photos:  Joseph Dale (@southrnfresh_joe) & Jonathan Davis (@Southrnfresh_jon)

///// Video: Brian (@BigAppleMagic) Arevalo – Edits-Anthony De La Paz (@Dela_Vossen)

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