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Vossen elevates the clothing line, releasing a variety of new men and women apparel. Our choice of new styles include graphic tees, tanks, and ladies crop tops. When choosing new items, our main goal is to make customers feel like they are part of the Vossen Family by providing apparel, accessories, and stickers. We focus on creating new styles that they would be proud to wear, which is a great way to express their love for being part of Team Vossen. Our team contributes creative skills to fulfill the fashion trends for those who attend car meets, as well as the “fashionistas” all around the world. The process we undergo in creating our apparel involves persistence, creativity, and teamwork. We brainstorm ideas and research our options as a team, then collaborate to select certain styles, materials, and colors. After discussing with vendors and manufacturers, we then have office critiques to share individual opinions in expanding our clothing line. We aim not only to satisfy our customers with clothing and accessories, but most importantly to emphasize that Vossen is a lifestyle.

Tee’s, tank tops, and crop tops

Vossen Wolfpack and Vossen Fox

Wolfpack and Fox Stickers

Team Vossen

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