“Right in time for Summertime” Audi S5 Convertible | 20×10.5 all around Vossen CV3’s

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This incredible Audi S5 was actually shared with us on our Facebook page and the owner was awesome enough to let us photoshoot and video his awesome Audi. We begin with the video below!

You can see the incredible CV3|Audi S5 combination on the move and the nice V-8 melody!

Featuring 20×10.5 all around Vossen CV3 wheels this S5 is sure to turn heads with its top up or down. The sporty and classic 5 spoke wheel matches the Teutonic lines of this beautiful vehicle perfectly and the deep concave CV3s front and rear give it a sinister stance that this owner means business.

This black S5 with the Audi aluminum trim matches the matte silver machined CV3 flawlessly. It is the perfect combination for a summertime drive to your favorite destination!

The wide 20×10.5 wheels on all four corners gives this S5 an amazingly aggressive stance.

Click any picture to see the entire 12 picture set. Once at our gallery if you click any picture it becomes a lovely wallpaper image, enjoy!

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