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RWD Nissan GTR on Vossen Forged Wheels

Posted on November 30, 2015 by

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Pearls & Pigments RWD GT-R comes back to Miami with new Autoflex peel-able paint and Vossen Forged Wheels.

I recently read a meme saying how its trendy to wear a beard but most men with them can’t even change their own oil. Jeremy Rohrs, owner of Pearls & Pigments is not one of those guys. As genuine as it gets, he’s built a truly unique Nissan GTR and put in the hand time doing most of the work himself.

Some of you might remember us featuring his car here and with over 600,000 views in a little over a year, obviously his car is a hit with our fans. You probably will notice a couple of things, one that his original plasti-dip is gone and replaced by all new “AutoFlex” paint.

AutoFlex Coatings are the worlds first Professional Grade, high gloss, Reelable Auto Paint. In person we were stunned this was paint you could peel. Amazingly, you can also wax it, buff it, polish it and even sand it, just like OEM paint.

In person it just is jaw dropping with how it really resembles paint but you can peel it and change it anytime you want. Note here in our pictures and in our video how this particular color choice changes hue based on lighting. It truly is magnificent!

Second, you probably are wondering how in the hell is this GTR drifting and sliding and doing burnouts when the GTR is AWD. Well this is a rare RWD conversion GTR, and with over 650hp Jeremy can have quite a bit of fun in it compared to AWD models.

Of course we have to mention our Vossen Forged VPS-307 wheels which we proudly make right here in Miami. We truly feel they are “Engineered Art” and we offer Vehicle Tailored Engineering with every Precision Series wheel.

This allows us to make incredible concave wheels on the GT-R specifically. They measure 20×10 front and 20×12 in the rear using 285/35/20 front and 335/30/20 tires.

We had an amazing time filming with Jeremy and shooting his refined and refreshed GTR again. With the new Autoflex paint, a RWD conversion and Vossen Forged wheels in polished black chrome, it truly is a unique build.

Next time we just promise not to put ourselves in the middle of a circle with Jeremy doing doughnuts around us, since we eventually got kicked out the lot lol!

Words: Mike Forsythe (@mike_vossen) ///// Photos: Jordan Krate (@jordan_vossen) & Brian McCarthy (@Brian_VossenVideo: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)

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