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The Toyota Supra, lowered on Vossen Forged M-X6’s

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The MKV Supra is an exciting platform for us here at Vossen, particularly this one locally owned by our brand ambassador, Trina. Started as a fresh palette from an Audi A3 on CVT’s, she chose the A90 platform for its street performance, aggressive styling, and nearly limitless ceiling for modifications. Fast forward just a few months into ownership and the original head-turning sports-car has been transformed with lower suspension thanks to Eibach, a beefy set of shoes from Michelin, and a crisp exhaust note from our friends at AWE-tuning.

The Vossen Forged M-X Series, although a prior series of designs for us, still rings true and current on the most modern vehicles. While a wide variety of vehicles were used in the marketing campaign, recently the all-new A90 Supra was a standout, catching quite a bit of traction with some major sources.

When considering options for the Supra, the options were endless in the Vossen Forged lineup, given it’s recommended fitment was a standard 20″ offering. We chose the M-X6 for it’s sharp, split-spoke design and a pocket-less edge to compliment the styling and rear-fenders of the Supra. Against the Tungsten Silver, the Satin Bronze of the M-X6’s truly set it apart from any Supra before. 

Vossen Forged M-X6
Satin Bronze

Tire Specs: 265/30/20 | 295/30/20
20×9.5 Front / 20×11 Rear

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