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World’s First Bagged Ford Bronco | Vossen HF6-3

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If we take in every vehicle that was showcased at this year’s SEMA showcase in Las Vegas, the Ford Bronco was one of the most recurring builds throughout the show. One in particular being our friends at Accuair’s Booth in Central Hall, in the fan favorite Area 51, pale blue color. The most anticipated comeback for any 4×4 vehicle now includes 10 inches of travel and is equivalent to having a 3-inch lift for the trails, and tucking a 35” All-Terrain Tire for when you want to relive your lowered stance days. Showcased on the off-road icon is our 20” Hybrid Forged HF6-3 finished in Anthracite, wrapped up in Toyo Open Country M/T tires. 


The Vossen Hybrid Forged 6-Lug Series, although a prior series for us, still rings true on both street-style trucks, and now, off-road capable rugged SUV’s. While a lowered, fender-to-lip Bronco wasn’t in our original deck of cards, this Bronco has turned more than a few heads both on and off the web.

When considering options for the Bronco, the multitude of options  in the Vossen Hybrid Forged 6-Lug lineup, given it’s recommended fitment was a standard 20″ offering. We chose the HF6-3 for it’s sharp, multi-spoke design and stuck to the 20″ size to showcase it’s factory tire height at 35″.  Against the Area 51 color code, the Anthracite finish looks right at home on this World Debuted Ford Bronco.

Vossen Hybrid Forged HF6-3

Tire Specs: 35 x 12.50 x 20
20×9.5 Front / 20×9.5 Rear

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