Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

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We always look forward to Tokyo Auto Salon, but when we heard that we would be teaming up with our friends at Hamana, we couldn’t have been more excited!

Over the days leading up to our trip to the other side of the world we saw a couple photos here and there of Hamana’s new widebody projects, but there’s nothing like seeing something in the flesh. So when we first walked up to our booth at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 and saw the trio of elegant, white German cars, it was love at first sight.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Photos - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1001

With fenders massaged and extended several inches on the arches of the Mercedes-Benz GT S and VW Mk7 Golf R, our new Vossen Forged wheels were right at home. And with a sea of other Vossen Forged wheels, and the new Vossen x Work series, hanging on the walls in the background, the trio of German excellence stopped the show, even in just the first few hours that we were there!

Take a look at the gallery below to find a plethora of photos from the first day of Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, and stayed tuned for more videos and photos in the coming days!

Words & Photos: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)

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