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Vossen strikes again, literally! Introducing new colors, tees, and winter gear. A new twist to our current clothing line, is the ¾ Sleeve Raglan Baseball Shirt. On the back of the shirt, #06 symbolizes the year that Vossen originated. Other new styles added to our collection include individual VVS wheels for Vossen owners who want to represent. There are a variety of colors for these shirts, available in our wheel designs, CV3, CV4, CV5, and CV7. A huge step we took towards expanding our apparel involves a new item, the Grey Authentic Sweatpants. They are fitted for both male and female, perfectly suiting the upcoming winter weather. Lastly, we strive to add newer, fresher colors to our clothing line. The Cranberry Scribble Team Vossen is a solid color, different than most of the gray scale colors we have previously done. The large sized “Team Vossen” hand lettering signifies owners who are proud to be part of the team. Also, our Neon Blue and Teal shirts were chosen to fit the in-style “sneakerheads”, a person who collects limited, rare, or exclusive kicks. A large portion of these shoes tend to be bright blue, yellow, or red, therefore, we aim to satisfy the different crowds who are a part of Team Vossen. Here are a few photos of the new styles. Visit the online Vossen Store for more photos and information!

3/4 sleeve Raglan Baseball Shirt

2006 – The beginning of Vossen

Brown CV-4 Team Vossen

Black Oversize CV-7

Grey Authentic Sweatpants

Cranberry Scribble Team Vossen

Bright Neon Blue Slap

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