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Vossen Bespoke Design Program: LaFerrari Forged Wheels

Posted on October 21, 2015 by

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What if 1 of 499 just isn’t exclusive enough? What if “Ferrari’s Most Ambitious Project” isn’t unique enough, in its Grigio Medio attire and Schedoni Red Leather innards? What if different wheels were available and 1 of 499 could transform into 1 of 1? Enter the Vossen Bespoke Design Program: LaFerrari Forged Wheels.

The LaFerrari is one of the most unique projects in Ferrari’s history, mating electric power with internal combustion, resulting in over 900 horsepower powering the F1-inspired road car. Sharp lines insinuate the car’s aggression, while its sleek silhouette reveals its primary motive: speed.

“The LaFerrari represents Ferrari’s most ambitious project yet to push the boundaries of technology on a road car, drawing together the finest expression of the marque’s technical capabilities in both GT and Formula 1 engineering.

Utilizing our in-house design and engineering team as well as our 20,000 square-foot TUV Verified forged wheel manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida, the Vossen Bespoke Design Program was born. Thanks to our friends at Need4Speed Motorsports in Glendale, California, the Grigio Medio LaFerrari was the inaugural subject.


Working closely with the owner, the wheel’s aesthetics were finely tuned and styled until both parties approved. With technology such as the FaroArm, the car was measured in over 100 different ways including a full 3D map of the brake and suspension components to create the perfect fitment in all aspects.

An extension of Vehicle Tailored Engineering™, the Vossen Bespoke Design Program achieves the perfect fit, specifically engineered for the LaFerrari, while also including an exclusive wheel design, derived in collaboration with the vehicle owner. The results? The most unique and personalized wheels possible, made perfectly to the owner’s desire in our TUV Verified factory, ensuring the utmost integrity and safety in the automotive industry.

Vossen Bespoke Design Program: LaFerrari
20×9 • 255/30ZR20 Pirelli P Zero Corsa System
Rear: 21×12.5 • 355/25ZR21 Pirelli P Zero Corsa System

Dealer: Need4Speed Motorsports (@need4speedmotorsports) in Glendale, California

Words: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)
Photos: Clifford Sutrisno (@timeatk) ///// Assistance: Lightcapturers (@lightcapturers)

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