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Vossen Dealer Spotlight: Butler Tire in Atlanta, Georgia

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With over 40 years providing customers with the highest quality wheels, tires, service and custom cars, Butler Tire (@ButlerTire) is an iconic part of Atlanta’s culture and car history. Four distinct locations in the Atlanta metro area make Butler Tire easily accessible with some of the most knowledgeable and hardest working employees in the industry. In the past three years Butler Tire has partnered with Vossen to become one of our premier dealers in the world and one of our largest Vossen Forged dealers. Butler Tire and Vossen continue to push the envelope with customer engagement, partnering in various meets and events on a near-monthly basis.

Our Dealer Spotlight interviews three integral cogs to the Butler Tire Machine, Craig Dobbs (VP of Operations), Gary Port (VP of Sales) and Dani Freedman (VP of Marketing). They passionately talk about the past of Butler Tire, the current Butler Tire lifestyle and the future they envision. It becomes pretty apparent how they live by the Butler Tire tagline “We Baby Your Car”.

Butler Tire • 770-428-8473 • @ButlerTire

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Video: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)
: Mike Forsythe (@mikef_vossen)

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