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Vossen Europe at Essen Motor Show 2016

Posted on December 22, 2016 by

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Essen Motor Show, the mecca of automotive trade shows throughout Europe, takes place every November in Essen, Germany. Spanning over a week and attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators and enthusiasts from around the world, Messe Essen is focused on the tuning and racing sector of the aftermarket, with many performance and styling companies in attendance.

The stateside Vossen crew has traveled to join forces with Vossen Europe at Essen for many years now, and for 2016 we decided it was time to bring the shop along too, offering a variety of shirts, hats and other accessories for sale inside the booth.


Some of the new Vossen Forged designs that were debuted in the Vossen Private Gallery at SEMA were on display throughout the booth, along with a VWS-3-clad Porsche, BMW M6 on LC-102, and new Mercedes-Benz C63 on VFS-6 wheels.


A wide variety of other Vossen-fitted cars were peppered throughout other halls of Essen Motor Show, some on the newest Vossen x Work wheels and with our friend, JP Performance!


Many thanks to the Vossen Europe team (Thomas, Jan, Alex, and Caroline) for making Essen 2016 another great success, and thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth to see our new offerings for 2017. See you next year!

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