Vossen Europe – Wörthersee 2016 Tour

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Another year, another Wörthersee. After traveling to the mountains of Austria for several years now, the last thing we expected to be troubled by was a flash snow storm, but we managed to make it through the long weekend safely and happily, whilst meeting some of Europe’s finest folks and Vossen owners along the way.

Vossen Worthersee 2016 Tour and Vossen Europe Owners Meet - Copyright Vossen Wheels 2016

It’s not uncommon to encounter the sight of snow, gracing the mountain faces of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the home of Vossen Europe, Liechtenstein. In fact, many of those mountain tops are never revealed throughout the year, permanently enveloped in snow, season after season. The day before our departure to Wörthersee, whilst driving through the Swiss Alps with Vossen Europe’s T5 on VFS-2s and RS6 on CV3-Rs we stopped to take a few photos of the scene, the beautiful contrast of clean(ish) black cars against the stark, white snow. It wasn’t until that afternoon that we learned just how hard the snow storm had hit Velden, the epicenter of Wörthersee festivities. The next morning, after researching the conditions and assessing our route, we decided to begin our journey.

Vossen Wörthersee 2016 Tour and Vossen Europe Owners Meet - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1020

Much to our surprise, much of the snow had already retreated from the roads, as seen behind Julian and Jan here, and the surfaces were mostly dry and safe. The next morning we ventured over to Faak am See for the annual Vossen Owners Meet—the highlight of Vossen’s weekend in Austria.

Vossen Wörthersee 2016 Tour and Vossen Europe Owners Meet - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1052

Countless cars made their way into the Vossen Owners area of the famous Faak am See lot, and before we knew it, the space was packed with some of the weekend’s most interesting and beautifully modified cars. We handed out over a hundred Vossen Owners Meet shirts, designed by Lauren Renfrow (@myimola), and before we knew it, the time to disperse and venture into the mountains for photoshoots was upon us.

Vossen Wörthersee 2016 Tour and Vossen Europe Owners Meet - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1216

After meeting a few locals at the meet (thanks again Lukas, Felix, and Marc!), we made our way off the beaten path and it was time to shoot a few of our favorite cars. Before we knew it, after shooting more cars than I can remember, the sunset was upon us and it was time to return back to Velden for the night.










Words & Photos: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)
Logo: Lauren Renfrow (@myimola)


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