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Vossen Forged HC Series Wheels

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The HC Series brings an aggressive new styling to the Vossen Forged Wheel lineup, characterized by its unique split spoke style at the center and creating a variety of different patterns as the spokes stretch to the barrel. Designed, engineered and manufactured in our state-of-the-art, TÜV Verified forged wheel manufacturing facility, the HC Series can utilize the same Vehicle Tailored Engineering program as the rest of the forged lineup, ensuring perfect fitment and clearance, specific to each make and model.

Wheels measuring 19″ to 24″ are available in a variety of widths, including 23×10, 23×11 and 23×12 sizes. With around 2500 forgings in stock at any given time, the Vossen Forged factory is able to machine just about anything with a standard turnaround time of 4-6 weeks. If time is of the essence, a 10-day rush program is available too.

The HC-1.6 and HC-2.6 models have been designed specifically for 6-lug applications, using the same spoke geometry as the HC-1 and HC-2.


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