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Previewing the Vossen Forged Modular Wheel Program

Posted on August 16, 2017 by

The Vossen Forged Modular Wheel Program is the multi-piece counterpart to the increasingly popular monoblock forged program that Vossen has been refining for many years. First displayed at the SEMA Show in the fall of 2016, the modular program has been in prototype testing for the first half of 2017, primarily in Europe and as seen in the Worthersee 2017 video.

After refining the designs and styling from the initial prototypes, conducting real world testing and engineering a whole new modular manufacturing process, the time is finally here to preview the Vossen Forged Modular Wheel Program to the world!

Existing Vossen Forged models have been adapted to a modular, three-piece construction, such as the entire HC Series. Extended, overlapping spokes define this lineup, blending deep concave profiles with deeper outer lips, bound by ARP Fasteners.

In addition to the HC Series, the CG Series is also being adapted to a modular format, as demonstrated by the CG-209T. Much like the HC Series, overlapping spokes are a principal feature in the modular CG Series, preserving the closed geometry that is the foundation for the series’ style.

The ERA Series is a modular-only trio of designs, paying tribute to some of the styling that has defined the wheel industry for decades. Flat in profile and maximizing outer lip size (perfect for any widebody car!), the ERA Series is that retro look that perfectly complements any car, new or old.

Although the Vossen Forged Modular Wheel Program is not formally launched yet, we are actively taking orders. If you are interested in any of the modular three-piece forged wheels for your car, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team or a local dealer.

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