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Vossen SEMA 2022

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Brought back to life after a 3-year hiatus, Vossen’s participation in the 2022 SEMA Show was a statement to say the least. 

When conceptualizing ideas and methods to showcase our newest designs, one main recurring theme was more prominent than most– Consistent media across the board from clients to consumers. Our brand image and presence is everything to us and our customers hold continued high standards for this reason. The display had to be as good, if not better than our product.

Being from Miami, we have the repeated luxury of art and design being showcased so frequently in our backyard. What more perfect way to display our latest additions than a massive 50×30′ gallery amidst the madness of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

We chose this design for a modern, art gallery style to allow our customer’s and client’s to be “removed” from the show when they enter the show. The walls were purposely made 16-feet high to match the average height of our factory machines and layout so it’s strictly just the wheel details being exhibited. The ledges were placed at 4-feet high to put the intricacies of the wheels at eye-level for any of the visitors. The upper bar-sconces were mounted at 8-feet to allow light to travel down on both the Vossen Red walls and the top of the wheel barrel to emphasize width and design. 


The lighting for this showcase was a feat in it’s own as we wanted to match our same studio style lights but allow the booth-visitors to get a similar image on their cell-phone, flash free. Over 1000 feet of dot-less LED’s were used for lighting the wheels in this showcase, and 50 RGB tubes were utilized for the hint of red beneath the ledge as you walked through the booth. 


Covering all of the 50×30’ gallery was a custom-made 0% black-out curtain with a gloss white backing up-top. This bounced the convention center lights back up away and allowed us to control 100% of the lighting for our booth. On the Left and Right side of our meeting rooms, our Vossen V-Shields were made in high-density foam to project our videos and content in 4K for customers to view as they walked through the gallery.

The outer pillars on one end of the booth showcased our most-popular Hybrid Forged 5-lug designs like the HF-5 and all-new HF-7, while adding in the latest addition to our offering, the first floating-center cap Hybrid Forged wheel: The HF-8.

At the opposite end, the same design was mirrored to showcase our 6-lug Hybrid Forged Wheels and teased the booth visitors with an entirely new center-cap that was hand-delivered just for this event.

In the center of attention were our meeting rooms while on the outside walls 25 brand-new designs were carefully placed. Amongst them was our S21 series received 3 additions that will be available in Monoblock, 3-Piece, and Carbon applications.

Every aspect of this booth had a multi-functional purpose or intention behind it— Our brand image and presence is everything, so every image captured by our visitors already exceeds expectations. Overall, this exhibit took a massive amount of teamwork and man-hours— plenty of sleepless nights were had to ensure it’s success and it was worth every second. 

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Kyle Martin

Marketing Director at Vossen who loves talking about automotive culture with a specific background in Domestic Muscle. Past vehicles have been featured on Magazines and T.V. with multiple car show wins for various awards.