Vossen takes Japan in January 2014

Posted on December 24, 2013 by


Vossen opens the new year with another World Tour: Japan. The dates are from 1/10-1/18. A huge thanks to Mondera Japan Inc. @vossen_japan. We will have Vossen giveaways and the beautiful model, Estefania Serrano at our booth. The events we will attend include Tokyo Auto Salon, and our very own Vossen Owners Meet. Throughout the trip, we will capture amazing videos, photography and live blogging footage to share with everyone! Be sure to follow our Instagram account @vossen for daily updates of the World Tour: Japan.

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Mike Forsythe

Vossen Marketing Director who loves talking about car culture with a specific background in Lexus ownership. Past vehicles have been featured on T.V, Magazines and SEMA with multiple car show wins for various awards.