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Krista’s 2015 Ford Mustang on new Vossen VFS-5’s redefines this classic combination.

With a huge #ladydriven sticker on her front windshield, Krista (@krissmessier on IG) wants to let everyone know this Ford Mustang is her’s and her’s only!  You can always find her in the gym and/or working on some cardio down here in south Florida while also attending local car meets and events. There her Ford Mustang on new Vossen VFS-5’s is sure to turn heads.

By now you know how much we love the new generation Mustang which we feel is one car that looks magical with a split 5 spoke wheel. Accenting the Mustang’s aggressive lines, the latest addition to our famed Flow Formed series sets off Krista’s ride. The VFS-5’s look perfect here.

The intricate lines of the new VFS-5 match all the superb detailing of the Mustang, check out how the headlights and the wheel match perfectly here. Measuring 20×9.5 up front and 20×10.5 in the rear on Toyo T1 Sport Tires, Krista’s Mustang really now looks the part compared to stock.

Note we said 20×9.5 up front. The new Mustang has wider front fender’s compared to the last generation thus we can fit a mid-concave there instead of the traditional 20×9 flat face most other companies offer. Credit our Flow-Formed Technology process which creates not just a stronger wheel but a lighter wheel as well.

We had a fun time down in Wynwood with Krista and after seeing her Mustang on the new VFS-5, we know it was well, a perfect combination!

Click here for the full hi-rez gallery!

///// Words: Mike Forsythe (@mike_vossen) ///// Photos: Jordan Krate (@Jordan_Vossen)

///// Video: Anthony De La Paz (@Dela_Vossen)

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