Vossen Video-“Dare to be Different”!!! Modified Honda Accord Crosstour | Vossen 20×10.5 CV3s

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The Honda Accord Crosstour has created a lot of internet chatter for various reasons, a major one how different it is compared to a lot of vehicles. It offers the usual Honda sensibilities with the addition of style and cargo room. The owner of this Crosstour went completely against the grain by owning one of the most modified Crosstour’s on the planet and took the style to another level incorporating Vossen 20×10.5 CV3s with his build. This vehicle is equipped with Ksport coilovers using parts from various Accord sedan/coupes and is lowered around 4-4.5 inches. The vehicle is de-badged with a carbon fiber roof, 8k Hids and foglights and other trick lighting. For performance a tekada intake was added with a Megan racing catback exhaust with custom parts. Not content with the stock sound system, 2, 10″ suvs and a kicker amp were added.

This Crosstour turns heads where ever it goes and the video shows the hard work put into this build since a lot of parts had to be figured out and customized. You will notice how much lower this Crosstour is compared to a stock vehicle and notice how the Vossen CV3s accent the sport look. The huge innner lips look incredible on the move and the CV3s are the perfect wheel for this build. The front wheels have a +25 offset and the rear wheels a +15 offset with front tires being Falken 452s measuring 235/25/20 and rear tires being 245/35/20.

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So now that you know more about this Honda Accord Crosstour, click here to watch the video or see it below!

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