Team Vossen invading the V2labs “Mystery Meat” in Orlando 2012

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Keeping your ear to the streets and being with the people. Its part of Vossen and who we are. We don’t just attend large events like SEMA and industry shows, you can catch Vossen at local meets and regional events like the huge V2labs meet in Orlando April 8th.

Vossen owners represent as they are part of the scene and stay engaged with fellow enthusiasts. This is probably a good time to mention not only did we support this event as a sponsor but we also gave away a set of wheels to one lucky winner, a donation from us to encourage people to attend. It is the least we can do to support the automotive scene. Over 3,000 cars and 10,000 people were in attendance according to news reports and we had an incredible row of Vossen cars TOGETHER representing TOGETHER. We debuted our Vossen Project 2013 Lexus GS, items from the Vossen Store (like iPhone cases and shirts) and we brought out the CV4, CV5 and CV7, which you can catch in the video. The lineup parked in our area included various modified vehicles;

Vossen Project Mercedes Benz CLS 63 tuned by RENNtech with CV3’s

Lexus LS 460 with CV1s

Honda Accord Coupe with CV3s

Infiniti G37 S Coupe with CV3s

Lexus IS 250 with CV2s

Lexus GS 450h with CV3s and CV2s

Vossen Project 2013 Lexus GS 350 with CV3s and CV2s

There was limited space and a lot going on, we had some more cars to park in our area but sadly could not get them in the lot. HemiGalvatron was there with his Purple Challenger on 22″ CV1s and we saw at least another ten vehicles equipped with Vossen Wheels at the meet. We had a great time mingling and talking with old friends and meeting so many new ones. There were a lot of challenges the day of the meet but we overcame them together and the enthusiasm of the people kept us smiling and going. Seeing and being a part of the huge Vossen Wheels caravan in the afternoon was an awesome experience! Enjoy the Vossen Video which details the meet and some of our weekend in Orlando and be sure to share it. Thank you!

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