Vossen World Tour Part V | Hong Kong

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For the final stop of the Vossen World Tour | Asia we landed in Hong Kong! The amazing skyline was so impressive as the hospitality of the people. The weather was much warmer which made our efforts to video and photoshoot a bit easier. We got our last chance to enjoy some RHD vehicles and our team fell in love with the super rare Mercedes Benz C63 AMG wagon that we do not have in the states.  An incredible location was chosen for our photoshoot and video including footage on an a beautiful bridge spanning the city.  Thank you to 5Wheel, Wheel Direct, Advan Shop and AM Works for all their hospitality and for being incredible partners of Vossen. Enjoy the video.

#teamvossen cars featured in this video:

Audi A4 Vossen CV3’s

Audi A5  featuring Vossen CV7’s

Audi A5 Convertible featuring Vossen CV3s

BMW M3 featuring Vossen CV2’s

Mercedes Benz C63 “Estate” featuring Vossen CV3’s

#teamvossen Hong Kong


C63 Estate

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