Vossen World Tour Part IV | Beijing, China

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Part IV of our Vossen World Tour | Asia was to showcase #teamvossen of Beijing! We were welcomed very warmly even though the weather was very cold! It continued to be a pleasure to witness and experience so many vehicles we don’t have here in the states, as an example the BMW 5 series long wheelbase, that was part of the video. We decided to brave the elements and have some fun with the vehicles in the snow, something we don’t get in Miami! It was delightful to be able to show more footage in these weather conditions and you will catch some drifting in the snow!

We were taken on a tour of the wonderful city and visited our Vossen distributors in Beijing. Finally we got a chance to visit one of the incredible wonders of the world, the incomparable Great Wall of China. We hope you enjoy this latest installment of the world tour with the final stop in Hong Kong!

#teamvossen cars featured in this video:

Audi A4 with Accuair Suspension featuring Vossen CV3’s

Audi S5 Sportback featuring Vossen CV3’s

Audi A7 featuring Vossen CV3s

BMW 5 series “LWB” featuring Vossen CV2’s

Mercedes Benz E55 featuring Vossen CV1’s

Volkswagon CC featuring Vossen CV3’s

What a lineup! #teamvossen Beijing!

Accuair Suspension in the Audi A4

Check out this color! Audi S5 Sportback

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