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Waterfest 22 was just that, a festival of watercooled VWs and Audis, with an emphasis on the water. Although my previous experiences with the event have always been subject to both torrential downpours and unbearably hot sun, everything was better this time thanks to the Vossen x Thule stand and the sneak peek of the #MK7GTIRS project I’ve been secretly working on at Swoopsbuilt (@theswoops)!

After getting everything set up on Saturday morning, joining the Vossen and Thule tents and getting the cars placed around and fitted with Thule‘s rack systems, it seemed like everything was going swimmingly. My GTI made the 2am trek down to NJ from Long Island without any issues, the weather was clear, and all of the cars in the booth were immaculately clean…and then it hit.

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1007

In the blink of an eye everything was flooding and we were scrambling to fix a broken zipper on the tent, while dozens of show-goers pick the Vossen x Thule booth as their cover. Already wet from the chaos, there wasn’t much left to lose by staying out in the mess, so I made my way around, snapping photos where I could.

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1021

Nick’s 2.7T-converted Audi S6 outfitted with Vossen Forged LC-101s held down one side while Mike’s Audi Allroad on VFS-5s the other, with Brett’s A3 on Vossen x Work VWS-2s right in the middle—man, what a trio!

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1010

On the other side, running our new Vossen x Work VWS-3s, was Sam’s VW Tiguan R-Line (@samseuroshop) and my GTI, withstanding the temporary flooding just fine.

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1027

Across the showgrounds we found AWE Tuning’s (@awetuningofficial) new Mercedes-Benz C63s on Vossen Forged VPS-307s, complimenting the white, black, and red scheme wonderfully.

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1037

As quick as it came, the rain moved along, and by the next morning everything was dry and hot once again. After detailing the cars again and getting the ItsWhiteNoise (@itswhitenoise) SLS on Vossen Forged VPS-302Ts parked up in the booth, it was time to relax, teaching passersby about the new Vossen Forged and Vossen x Work lineups.

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1049

Across the way hid one of our favorite cars, VW of America’s Passat R-Line, which was on LC-106Ts the first day of the show, then VWS-2s the second. Riding on Accuair Suspension (@accuair) installed by our friends at Boden Autohaus (@boden_autohaus), the Passat has traveled around the country with VW this year, attending enthusiast and Global Rally Cross events throughout.

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1078

Hidden behind the Passat is our other project with VW, this Mk7 GTI sporting Vossen Forged LC-103s in Heritage Gold. Stay tuned for a video of Volkswagen’s Vossen-equipped cars.

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1074

After a late night shakedown voyage to Englishtown, the GTI held up spectacularly—and before anyone asks, yes it is getting painted, no it’s not done. Fitted with Vossen Forged VPS-317 wheels, measuring 19×11 front and rear, the Rocket Bunny kit (by @pancrossllc) really means business. Hiding AP Racing’s Radi-CAL big brake kit (@ap_racing-by-stillen) up front and wrapped in Nitto (@nittotire) INVO tires, measuring 285-30-19, the three-spoke forged wheels definitely attracted as much attention as the widebody kit.

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1056

Once we removed one of the Rocket Bunny flares to reveal the massive amount of fabrication that Swoopsbuilt has done underneath the flares, it was no longer a question of “are you going to paint it?”, as the new metal of the inner fenders made things clear.

Waterfest 22 - Vossen x Thule - © Vossen Wheels 2016 - 1042

A handcrafted (and fully functional!) rear diffuser and roll cage peeking through the rear windows suggests that the car is for more than just show, but you’ll have to wait to see once it’s finished—at H2O International.

Many thanks are in order for our team of car owners and Thule’s staff, for enduring two days of rain and heat and helping with the setup, tear down, and function of the Vossen x Thule booth at Waterfest 22!

Audi Allroad // Vossen VFS-5 // Mike Callaghan (@upstate_mike)
VW TIguan // Vossen x Work VWS-3 // Sam Desmarais (@samseuroshop)
Audi A3 Sedan // Vossen x Work VWS-2 & LV-106T // Brett Sloan (@sloancars)
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG // Vossen Forged VPS-302T // ItsWhiteNoise (@itswhitenoise)
Audi S6 2.7T // Vossen Forged LC-101 // Nick Hoover (@lazerface_rictus)
VW GTI RS Rocket Bunny // Vossen Forged VPS-317 // Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen)


Words & Photos: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony Purcell (@halcyonphoto) ///// Video Edit: Anthony Delapaz (@dela_vossen)

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