Starting at $2,350 EA.

Color Examples

  • Satin Black


Wheel Diameter Widths
19 "

19 x 8.5
19 x 9
19 x 9.5

19 x 10
19 x 10.5

19 x 11

19 x 12

20 "

20 x 8.5
20 x 9
20 x 9.5

20 x 10
20 x 10.5

20 x 11
20 x 11.5

20 x 12
20 x 12.5

20 x 13

21 "

21 x 8.5
21 x 9
21 x 9.5

21 x 10
21 x 10.5

21 x 11
21 x 11.5

21 x 12
21 x 12.5

21 x 13

22 "

22 x 8.5
22 x 9
22 x 9.5

22 x 10
22 x 10.5

22 x 11
22 x 11.5

22 x 12
22 x 12.5

23 "

23 x 10
23 x 10.5

23 x 11

23 x 12

24 "

24 x 9
24 x 10


All Vossen Forged wheels are machined using Vossen’s proprietary forging design. In order to provide any vehicle with the most efficient spoke profile, our forgings are engineered with extra material on the face in order to accommodate everything from flat to super deep concave profiles. This proprietary forging design allows us to produce an 8.5” width with maximum concavity equal to that of a 12.5”.

Engineering & Manufacturing


After three years of development, Vossen is proud to be one of the few companies in the world that manufactures forged wheels entirely in-house. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, Vossen’s state-of-the-art, TUV-certified wheel manufacturing facility features a comprehensive array of brand new machinery.


Many forged wheel manufacturers utilize the simplest and most common machining techniques to increase productive volume. The Vossen Forged lineup, particularly the Precision Series, does not compromise its exclusive and complex features for manufacturing ease.


Precise fitments are achieved by taking measurements from over 100 different data points around the car. Those measurements lead to CAD models that are tested using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure SAE and TUV compliance while maximizing concavity. Each wheel is specifically made for each vehicle make and model.


Vossen Forged wheels utilize a manufacturing process developed to achieve the most uncompromising design and quality standards for forged wheels. In order to produce the most precise wheels in the industry, Vossen has developed a proprietary six-step machining process.


The signature feature of the Precision Series is the Infini-Lip barrel, embodying simplistic elegance and purity of design. Without the utmost precision throughout the entire manufacturing process, a seamless and unobstructed transition from the wheel face to barrel would be impossible.

Vehicle Tailored Engineering

Every car make and model has different parameters and clearances as well as different general aesthetics. Utilizing our extensive measuring process and Vehicle Tailored Engineering, Vossen Forged wheels are optimized specifically for each vehicle, maximizing concave and perfecting overall fit.

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The Novitec Philosophy

Established in 1989, Novitec is one of the most respected and experienced companies in the automotive industry. The entrepreneurial vision and creativity of Wolfgang Hagedorn has been focused on refining Italian Sports Cars and the Novitec program is characterized by precise craftsmanship and high quality products.


Novitec and Vossen’s collaborative efforts began with the NV1, developed specifically for the Lamborghini Aventador SV. Moving in a new direction, the NV2 has been designed with the Tesla Model X in mind and completed by Novitec’s carbon fiber aero package. The NV2 is the aggressive and sophisticated compliment to the electric SUV’s styling, with just the right twist.

Design & Manufacturing


Following Tesla’s lead of taking the car industry in a new direction, the Novitec x Vossen NV2 forged wheel is a directional five-spoke split design, complete with smooth lines and fine details, complimenting the Model X in every way.


Designed and engineered in our Miami-based facilities, the NV2 forged wheel undergoes an extensive design, engineering, and testing process. Adhering to TUV and SAE testing parameters, the NV2 employs Vehicle Tailored Engineering to ensure precise fitment, specific to the Model X, while creating the strongest and lightest wheel possible in our TÜV Verified manufacturing facility.

Machining & Finishing

Vossen’s Miami-based, TUV Verified, forged wheel manufacturing facility utilizes over ten state-of-the-art CNC machines to execute the precise machining processes behind all Vossen Forged wheels. The machining process ensures the utmost precision whilst shaving excess weight wherever possible. Vossen’s in-house finishing facilities allow for hand-brushed, polished and perfectly powder coated wheels that will stand the test of time and speed—a must for a car as performance-oriented as the Tesla Model X.

The NV2 Forged Wheel

Made exclusively for the Tesla Model X

Vehicle Tailored Engineering

Designed exclusively for the Tesla Model X, the Novitec x Vossen NV2 forged wheel is the pinnacle of wheel design and engineering. The NV2 is engineered specifically for the Model X’s suspension and brake components, vehicle weight, load rating, and tires, resulting in the most bespoke and intentionally engineered wheel on the market.

Wheel Sizes: 22 x 9.5 FRONT / 22 x 10.5 REAR

Tesla Model X

It’s no secret that the Tesla Model X is one of the most amazing and unique vehicles to hit the market, characterized by it’s rear gull-wing doors and grille-less front fascia. To compliment such a distinctive vehicle design is a challenge that Vossen relishes, and the aesthetics speak for themselves.



The Novitec x Vossen NV2 forged wheel can be ordered through Novitec or Vossen.

The Novitec carbon fiber aero kit and carbon ceramic brake kit is available exclusively through Novitec.

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