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New Urban Automotive x Vossen


Starting at $2,300 ea.
Diameters 22"-24"  |  Widths 9-10.5"

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Urban Automotive’s philosophy is aimed at providing a discrete and timely alternative to personalizing a Land Rover or Range Rover. Founded in 2013, Urban Automotive’s original focus was on the Defender, revising the classic, purpose-built design for more urban driving and performance, eventually leading to an LS3-swapped Ultimate Edition.

In 2023 Urban Automotive expanded, enveloping more of the Rover models in their range of customization and focusing on some of the newer models in the brand’s lineup, such as the Range Rover Sport, Evoque, Vogue, and now the SVR. Hand-laid carbon fiber aero components create an elegant but aggressive new style to the new range of Rovers, accented by individualized interiors and, of course, wheels.

Urban Automotive & Vossen 

A mutual adoration of precision craftsmanship and refined individuality led to early discussions between Urban Automotive and Vossen Forged, with a bespoke Land Rover and Range Rover forged monoblock wheel as an end goal. Urban’s existing aero and interior modifications laid the perfect foundation for creating a uniquely-refined new model Rover and acted as the ultimate inspiration for the UV-4 and UV-5 forged wheel designs. With the introduction of the Rolls Royce Ghost and Cullinan platforms, it’s only fitting that full-face with a floating center cap were options.

Relying on Vossen’s TÜV Verified forged wheel design and manufacturing process, the Urban Automotive x Vossen Forged wheels took shaped, with the most paramount attention focused on complementing the original Land Rover and Range Rover designs as well as Urban’s variety of components.

Custom Designed for Range Rover & Rolls-Royce Applications 

The UV7 wheel is designed to encompass class and a timeless appearance, yet fit the. sophisticated nature of the Urban Automotive’s product offering. The full-face design and pocketed windows on the outer lip were inspired by our newly released LC3 Series. Applications include the Rolls Royce Ghost and Cullinan, along with all Range Rover Models.

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The Forged Process

Engineered Art

Bridging the gap between our forged wheel customization process and cast wheel affordability. Vossen will custom CNC your wheels to virtually any desired bolt pattern, center bore and offset with the highest precision and efficiency.

Our Manufacturing Process

The Factory

Vossen is proud to be one of the few companies in the world manufacturing forged wheels entirely in-house.Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Vossen’s state-of-the-art, TUV Verified facility features a comprehensive array of brand new machinery.


Precise fitments are achieved by taking measurements from over 100 different data points around the car. Each wheel is specifically made for each vehicle make and model.


Vossen Forged wheels utilize a manufacturing process developed to achieve the most uncompromising design and quality standards for forged wheels.


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About the UV-7

The UV-7 wheel embraces a more classic and timeless design philosophy, influenced by the bold full-face design trends and elegance with British automotive styling. The wheel features a pocketed outer lip, meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of sophistication and luxury.