Audi B8.5 RS4 on Vossen CVT

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At the beginning of our journey to Wörthersee earlier this spring we stopped off in Birmingham, UK, to see our friends at Prestige Wheel Centre and shoot a few cars. At the Vossen UK Owner’s Meet we were lucky enough to meet Vish, and arrange a photo and video shoot with his Audi RS4 on CVT directional wheels. Many thanks to Vish and Prestige Wheel Centre for taking time out of their busy schedules and let us shoot!

Vossen CVT Directional Wheels ///// 20×10.5 ///// Silver Metallic ///// www.vossencvt.com

Words / Photos: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Video: Anthony De La Paz (@dela_vossen)

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