The Hamana Audi x Vossen Forged Collection

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We’ve learned many things in our travels to Japan over the past few years, like you have to try every food at least once, you don’t mess with typhoons, and Hamana’s car game decimates all. While we’ve been seeing their cars outfitted with our wheels for quite some time, we hadn’t visited Hamana’s facilities until earlier this year when we were in Japan for Tokyo Auto Salon, and that’s when we were lucky enough to see the magic happening.

Behind The Scenes with Hamana - Mondera Japan - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1162

Hamana’s Audi R8 was undergoing a little facelift, and with impeccable timing, its new Vossen Forged: Precision Series VPS-302 wheels had just arrived days earlier. Unfortunately, as it was still under the knife, we weren’t able to photograph the R8 in January, and the excitement to see it has grown since. So when we reached out to our friend of Speedhunters fame, Dino Dalle Carbonare, and he was available to photograph the cars for us, we couldn’t have been more excited—and after being postponed by not one, but TWO typhoons, Dino and Hamana finally crossed paths.

“I love working with the Hamana guys,” Dino said, “I first met them last year when I featured their two [Vossen-clad] widened Benzes for Speedhunters.” You might also remember Hamana’s CLA and A180 from my black & white photoset and our Dealer Spotlight earlier this year. But we’re not here to talk about Mercedes-Benzes, we’re here to look at The Hamana Audi x Vossen Forged Collection!

“The trio of Audis was nothing short of spectacular, all sporting perfect stance,” told Dino, “but out of them all it was the RS6 Avant that did it for me, slammed on KW Coilovers.” And after also catching a glimpse of the RS6 while we were there, but not quite having enough to properly shoot it, we can’t help but agree!

Audi RS6 x Vossen Forged: Precision Series VPS-307 Wheels

Hamana Audi C7 RS6 - Vossen Forged VPS-307 Wheels - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 1019

Audi R8 V10 x Vossen Forged: Precision Series VPS-302 Wheels

Hamana Audi R8 V10 - Vossen Forged VPS-302 Wheels - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 2021


Audi S7 x Vossen Forged: Precision Series VPS-309 Wheels

Hamana Audi S7 - Vossen Forged VPS-309 Wheels - © Vossen Wheels 2015 - 3014

Words: Sam Dobbins (@sdobbins_vossen) ///// Photos: Dino Dalle Carbonare (@speedhunters_dino)

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