“Optima Prime, the hardest Kia sedan out” | Bagged Kia Optima | Concave 20″ Vossen CV3s

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When a pic of this Kia were shared with us we had to shoot it right away. Kia has come a long way and just looking at this Kia Optima is mind-blowing. There are not many modified Kia’s and this owner decided to do something different and awesome. It is lowered on a custom one-off D2 air ride kit and the perfect wheels were chosen to compliment this vehicle, Vossen CV3 wheels 20×9 and 20×10.5. You can see the concave spokes match the curvy lines of this Optima. This vehicle also features a modified blow off valve, 6000k HID lows and fog lamps and 35% tint. All emblems have been replaced for the KDM badges. This vehicle continues to gain in popularity online as it was spotted in Atlanta recently for the big meet there where the match of the car and Vossen CV3 wheels shocked onlookers. You can see more by clicking any picture below!


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