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Vankulture x Toyota x Vossen | Behind-the-Kulture | The Story

Posted on February 27, 2017 by

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The team at Vossen comes to the Bay Area for a one of a kind family filled weekend with Vankulture & Toyota!

In addition, the “Behind the Vans” Video below takes you behind the scenes as well as an intimate look at our relationship with Vankulture and Toyota.

More details to come tonight on this one of a kind van enthusiast feature! Over 30 modified vans were part of this production including our pals at California Wheels!  Click here for behind the scenes pictures!


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Mike Forsythe

Vossen Marketing Director who loves talking about car culture with a specific background in Lexus ownership. Past vehicles have been featured on T.V, Magazines and SEMA with multiple car show wins for various awards.