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Vossen Japan Owners Meet 2018

Posted on November 26, 2018 by

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Earlier this year we traveled around to the other side of the globe to visit Yuki and Mondera for the Vossen japan Owners Meet 2018. Unlike previous years, for the 2018 meet we chose to hold the event in mid-July. Originally, the idea was to entice more of the long-distance travelers from outlying areas of the country to the event, some of which may not be able to do so during winter, but we quickly learned that Japan might just be hotter and more humid than our home base of Miami! With nationwide heat waves happening throughout the week that we were there, we first traveled down to Shizuoka, to the Shimizu Marina, where the Vossen Japan Owners Meet 2018 took place.

Over a hundred cars made the trek to Shimizu for the event, filling the marine park to the brim with Vossen-equipped cars, some traveling as far as 1200km each way to attend.

Thanks again to our diehard, loyal supporters in Japan!

Click here for all 270 photos from the event.

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Many years as an automotive photojournalist, with work published in countless worldwide publications, have led to Sam's role as Vossen's Creative Director, traveling around the world to document the culture of Vossen and its supporters.