Vossen Presents-Infiniti G Meet in Miami

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On Friday May 25th from 11-4pm Vossen hosted our first car meet at our headquarters for Infiniti G25/35/37 owners. We didn’t know completely what to expect but by the end of the day we knew this event was an overwhelming success. We had over 60 vehicles and owners in attendance as well as a few owners of other car brands stopping by to say hello. After the written recap of the event there is a Vossen video below that details the event!


This event started on the G37forums where 8 die-hard G owners from Minnesota posted they were going to drive down from MN to the “Tail of the Dragon” for the ZdayZ event there (which we also attended and raffled off a free set of wheels) and then to the Miami area for their vacation. When we heard about their amazing drive (27 hours one way non-stop) and enthusiasm we decided to host a meet for the 8 guys in Miami at our warehouse. From there it grew to a huge Infiniti G meet where owners from all over Florida attended. Hooters was the caterer of choice, of course for the food 😀 and we even ordered a replica cake of the new CV4 wheel!


We showcased our entire wheel lineup inside the warehouse with the new CV4, CV5, CV7 in all finishes. We also parked the Vossen Project Mercedes Benz CLS 63,  Lexus GS and Diego’s G37s with the new CV4s installed. During the event we took some time to explain the vehicles and modifications done to them.

The meet was awesome with clear skies all day. Vossen supplied all attendees with our new CV4/5/7 poster, bands and blue Vossen t-shirts. Padron Cigars was kind enough to donate some wonderful cigars for cigar enthusiasts. Owners got to put forum names with faces, people explained their vehicles and had a lot of their questions answered. We showcased the new Vossen CV4/5/7 lineup as well as the Vossen Project CLS 63 and GS 350 and of course Diego’s incredible Vossen G37 S coupe inside the warehouse where we explained the vehicles and the modifications done to the car.


To end the meet we raffled off some iPhone cases and then the grand prize, a set of VVS 086 wheels. It was tense as people waited patiently to hear their numbers called. For the grand prize the first number was called and no one came forward!!! So we shook the box and picked out one more number and incredibly Peng,  one of the guys that drove from Minnesota,  won the wheels!! Peng was actually looking for new wheels so this ending could not have been scripted any better (I even believe he installed them right away for the trip back).


Overall Vossen was happy to hose this event and meet so many car enthusiasts no matter if they owned Vossen Wheels or not. We had a blast and fully intend to host more incredible gatherings like this. The video below goes into detail on the events and fun at the meet! Enjoy and thanks again to everyone who made it out!


If you want to read about the MN Infiniti G’s crew’s trip and pics you can go here!

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