Vossen World Tour Part III | Seoul, Korea

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Well it was time for us to travel to our second city of the Vossen World Tour | Asia, which was to Seoul, Korea. When we arrived we were welcomed by four incredible #teamvossen cars which we featured immediately on our Instagram page. The chrome pink Mercedes CLS was simply a topic of conversation the entire trip! We had the opportunity to visit our distributors there as well as visit some tranquil and historical areas of Korea. We decided to feature some of the ancient architecture in the background of the videos here to give our viewers some soul from Seoul!

Throughout the trip there were some language barriers but one thing is the same, our enthusiasm and passion for the automobile. We even got to feature the Kia K9 here which will debut in the states as the “Cadenza” for 2013.  From bags, to big brakes to Bentley’s this video has it all, enjoy!

#teamvossen cars featured in this video:

Audi A5 featuring Vossen CV4’s

Bentley Continental GTC featuring Vossen CV1’s

Hyundai Genesis featuring Vossen CV3’s

Kia Optima (K5) featuring Vossen CV3’s

Kia Cadenza (K7) featuring Vossen CV3’s

Mercedes Benz CLS featuring Vossen CV3’s

Nissan GT-R featuring Vossen CV7’s


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