Vossen World Tour Part II | Tokyo, Japan

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After our sensational time at the Tokyo Auto Salon, we then got a chance to tour some of Tokyo and hang with members of #teamvossen there so we could showcase some of their incredible builds. Two words that stood out to us were originality and uniqueness as these vehicles were truly one of a kind. They also feature a great attention to detail that we wanted to show you through our lens. What you will see in some of the pictures is the weather change we experienced, we got involved in some true winter weather as a blizzard came out of nowhere!

We are pleased to share with you our second video of the world tour featuring the following vehicles;

Audi A4 featuring Custom CV3 Wheels

Audi A7 featuring Vossen Precision Series Wheels

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe featuring Vossen Precision Series Wheels

BMW Z4 featuring Custom CV4 Wheels

Lexus GS featuring CV4 Wheels

Infiniti G37/Nissan Skyline featuring Vossen CV5/CV1 Wheels

We are truly honored to be able to share with you #teamvossen Japan and we hope you enjoy us sharing Vossen owners and fans representing all over Asia! Next stop is Seoul, Korea!

Live from Tokyo!

The Newing Audi A4

Denim Interior!

Frostbitten Audi A7 

BMW Gran Coupe

Amazing BMW Z4

The ACC | Air Runner | Lexon | Lexus GS

The JDM Nissan Skyline | Infiniti G

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